Read the awe-inspiring story of this photograph, by going HERE.
It perfectly exemplifies Sacred Earth Connection® as a way of life,
in everyday life aligned with your own unique path!

The divinely guided journey that led to its manifestation, demonstrates how amazing life is
when you live fully empowered, 
in trusting relationship with your divine alliances:
your sacred heart, Spirit and Nature!

Empower yourself and your life

once and for all...

This life-shifting program was designed to serve you
through direct experience in your everyday life,
so you'll learn and receive everything you require,
to live a fully empowered life!

The truth of who you are 
is where absolute empowerment and fulfillment
await you.

Enroll now
and begin a powerful journey
that will forever benefit you and your life!
(Beyond what you can imagine!)

This life-empowering program has been designed for you
to experience the full potential of your true nature
in your everyday life – for your entire life.

~ Discover the infinite power of all that you are. 

~ See that anything is possible, even "against all odds". 

~ Know the divine power of trusting your heart - your most priceless ally

~ Remember your sacred alliances within Nature and Spirit.

~ Experience an empowered fulfilling life beyond "the box".

~ Gain the courage to live life as you desire to live it.

~ Recognize all experiences as purposeful for your unique path.

~ Receive your personal truth from direct experience.

~ Confirm your inner wisdom beyond all doubt.

~ Strengthen your trust in yourself and life continuously. 

~ Learn that life is so much more than you can imagine.

~ Co-create your life from your heart's higher awareness.

~ Decode your unique soul language to always support you.

~ Harness your personal energy signature's boundless power.

~ Create sacred relationship with yourself, Mother Earth, Nature and Spirit.

~ Discern to always make the best choices.

~ Recognize daily support that promote a soul-fulfilling life.

~ Magnetize greater abundance in countless forms that are perfect for you.

~ Renew your sense of belonging and purpose here on Mother Earth.

~ Deepen your divine connection with ALL life.

~ Be your limitless source of strength, love, miracles, trust, wisdom, faith and magick.

… and so much more, including the unique to you !


Reviews (OAK Level) highlighting
personal, uniquely perfect benefits...

Review for the SEQUOIA Level... 

This program unfolds in a powerful, flowing sequential order.

You’ll experience firsthand the power of
your 6 sacred bodies in your everyday life
(especially when they work together in harmony!)...

For decades I’ve experienced the limitless power we have within each of us

This program was designed with Spirit and Nature to empower you at the sacred heart level, for it's your greatest source of true, beneficial power. 

This 8-week program guides you with a very practical, easy to understand “system” to whole self-empowerment.

The 6 sacred elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Storm and Spirit will guide you through the 6 modules as they relate with your 6 powerful bodies of Mind, Energy, Emotion, Physical, Wholeness and Higher Consciousness.

You'll discover how each of the 6 powerfully influences your life, and greatly benefits you when in harmony with the others (aligned with your sacred heart).  

You'll experience their power to support you in the greatest way possible, that is perfect for you AND learn to recognize when they don't support you and how to shift that. 

This program was designed so you can fully incorporate the hands-on exercises into your everyday life as part of your lifestyle so you'll be empowered once and for all - you'll gain everything you need to live the fulfilling life you've come here to experience! 

This program is a good fit for you if... 

~ You're able to commit time for yourself, to experience the greatest benefits.

~ You love Nature or feel comfortable in a natural space, urban or rural. 

~ You have access to a natural environment where you can spend some time mostly            undisturbed (i.e. urban or rural park, large garden, private or public property).

~ You enjoy spending time on your own (or feel comfortable spending "alone time").

~ You have an open mind (or a sense of curiosity). 

~ You take full responsibility for your life, actions and non-actions. 

~ You yearn for a more fulfilling, inspired, empowered life aligned with who you are. 

~ You want to trust yourself and life more, even when life seems "against you".

~ You desire a greater sense of purpose and confidence instead of self-doubt.

~ You want to experience amazing possibilities for yourself and your life.

~ You desire a deeper connection with your inner guidance, Nature and Spirit.

~ You long for more magick and "flow" (less frustration and stagnation).

~ You want to experience more heart desire manifestations in your life.

~ You long to feel safe and supported to be you as who you truly are.

~ You yearn to connect with more people that feel like soul family, your "tribe".

~ You desire to benefit our world as a conscious co-creator, simply by being YOU.

for you to choose from:


OAK Level includes:

Six deeply life-shifting modules in PDF format with powerful guided audio journeys, select empowerment bonuses, insightful reading and hands-on assignments.

Each module focuses on one sacred element and the aspect within you that it governs. They're unlocked in sequence in the members’ portal each week, with an email notification. You'll have immediate access to Module 1, upon enrollment. They can create a beautiful journal together if you choose to print them.

Each module contains:

~ 1 Navigation Sheet to assist your journey with the assigned activities (easily keeps track of your progress).

~ A wealth of insightful information in written form along with audios and videos, bonuses and other resources.

~ Powerful and easy assigned activities so you’ll learn from direct experience within your own environment (to become a lifestyle you can easily maintain if you choose).

~ Insight Sheets that can be filled out by hand on printed pages, or typed digitally on a computer. They'll assist to deepen your self-awareness and fully integrate each of your experiences.

*Two integration weeks. These will give you more time to complete the modules if you haven’t had enough time to experience all the activities, integrate your experiences or enjoy the empowering bonus gifts.

~ Integration week 1 will be after Module 4.

~ Integration week 2 will be after Module 6.

*Email access to Lucille DancingWind during the program (2 months).
This will provide you direct live support any time you need it.

*Access to tech support. Via email or the "Help" button in the members' portal. 

* Sacred Earth Connection® circle membership. 
Receive Lucille's wonderful e-newsletter "Nature & Spirit inspiration" in your inbox for additional weekly empowerment. 


REDWOOD Level includes:

12 x 1-on-1 personal empowerment phone calls.

(Read details below.)

PLUS everything in the OAK Level as described under "OAK".

Each call will be scheduled for 1 hour, once a month (flexible depending on your unique requirements), for one year. They'll begin during or after the program depending on your chosen preference and are highly beneficial, especially if:

~ You desire extra personal support for a full year.

~ You desire to continue to explore and deepen your life experiences "beyond the box" after the program and having regular calls will help you to stay on track despite your everyday life demands and distractions.


SEQUOIA Level includes: 

A personal Empowerment Mentorship with Lucille DancingWind in a select location (currently offered in Alaska).

(Read details below.)

PLUS everything in the REDWOOD & OAK Levels as described under "OAK" and "REDWOOD".



This level requires you to complete "OAK" first and to fill out an application. This will ensure a Mentorship is perfect for you.

Please go HERE to request your application package. You'll receive all details you need, to ensure that you're fully informed before you invest in this highest level.

(* You just might realize after you've completed the 8-week program, that you no longer feel a need for a mentorship! The intention of this program is to fully empower you, from direct experience, first and foremost.)  

Questions? Click HERE and let's connect.

ALL 3 levels of support also include these
Empowerment BONUS GIFTS!

NOTE: You'll receive access to the Bonuses marked with a * as soon as you enroll. The others will become available to you as the program unfolds, so you'll receive their highest benefits by completing certain modules first.

~ Activation of a heart desire.
This powerful gift will also provide guidance to clarify your truest desire at this time (heart desires aren't always obvious but they're soul-fulfilling and purposeful).

~ *Creation of a sacred, personal "evolving Nature" altar in your chosen environment.
A guided video with Lucille DancingWind, including personal examples of different altars to inspire you. It will create mindfulness of your true nature and provide sacred space to hold your meaningful objects, as well as the special talisman gifts you’ll be guided to receive throughout each module (that you’ll use in module 5).

~ *Lucille's inspiring book “Mending Mother Earth with Native Plants”.
PDF version, filled with 240 colour Nature photographs (including "before & after" results), drawings and insightful writing. It provides inspiration on how to highly benefit your spirit by bringing more of Nature into your space of residence. It will also show you how you can easily make a difference, as a co-creator with and steward of Nature, regardless where you live.


~ *Beautiful ceremonial prayer.
A printable PDF file, to connect with the loving beings of Nature and Spirit with greater mindfulness and appreciation. It's wonderful to open a ceremonial circle for yourself or as a group, for any occasion that resonates with you, or to start your day, month, etc.

~ Select chapters from Lucille's life-empowering book "Sacred Possibilities".
PDF's of the following chapters: 4 (“Our Supportive Mystical World”), 5 (“The Fears that Haunt Us”), 6 (“Absolute Trust”) and 9 (“The Empowerment of Surrender”), which correspond with specific modules and will enhance your experiences within the program and beyond, in your everyday life.


~ Co-creation of a personal sacred Empowerment Talisman (photo showcases an example).
Your choice of video, audio and text formats, to guide you step-by-step. This beautiful treasure will embody your powerful journey of this program (and beyond), to enhance your life and your environment with magick from all sacred elements that are within and around you. Your creative abilities will amaze you! (Yes, even if you might think you don’t have any!)


invest in one full payment...

For ALL 3 Levels of support:

Empowerment BONUS GIFT 1: 

Personal Spirit Guide ally retrieval from the Tree, Animal or Plant kingdoms (or if you're open to surprise by Spirit, to receive an ally from either kingdoms).

See details of this empowering service HERE.

Empowerment BONUS GIFT 2: 

A copy of Lucille's life-empowering book "Sacred Possibilities", as a PDF version.

Its value is priceless - read reviews from global readers HERE.


For SEQUOIA Level of support:

Additional BONUS GIFT: 

A meal, snacks and beverages, with transportation to unique places in select location - currently in Anchorage, AK and surroundings (i.e. shopping at unique stores exclusive to the area, for a variety of handmade gifts like local crafts, edibles, clothing, jewellery, art, etc.; sight-seeing within one hour of Anchorage along the scenic highway; visiting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center; etc.) A list of possibilities will be provided to you, that you can choose from, to experience within one afternoon/early evening (you can even choose “all” if time permits!). 

5% from each enrollment is donated to
one or more charitable organization listed HERE.

ENROLLMENT: 2 options for you 

+ a NO-RISK PERIOD including Modules 1 to 4 !

Whether you enjoy the exhilaration of paying for something in one full payment; or you appreciate a payment plan; or your mind is disputing your heart's guidance...

I celebrate you for embracing this invaluable opportunity NOW and for honouring your desire to experience a fully empowered life, by providing the following:

Extra Bonus Gifts : For you who enjoys the exhilaration of investing in 1 full payment.

4-Payment Plan : For you who desires to enroll and this makes it more possible for you.

No-Risk Period : From date of purchase, includes Modules 1-4, Air (Mind), Fire (Energy), Water (Emotion), Earth (Physical) + select Bonuses. If you feel your mind disputing with your inner guidance to enroll, you can relax and fully benefit from more than half of this priceless program, with a 100% refund guarantee by request within this period!


1 full payment $1,111

4 payments x $311
(pay $311 now, then monthly)


1 full payment $2,444

4 payments x $644
(pay $644 now, then monthly) 


1 full payment $5,777

4 payments x $1,477
(pay $1,477 now, then monthly) 

A few of countless heart sharings I've received from beautiful souls ~ each one is such a gift! 

“Dearest Lucille DancingWind… I love that you always come from a space of such high integrity and absolute love and care… Thank you so much for sharing your magic and wisdom with us, for all that you are and all that you contribute to the planet… deep gratitude for you!”

~ Tanya Allison, Australia
Educator & Channel,
Editor of Sage Magazine





If you wish to read more,
go HERE.

“DancingWind, How blessed I am to have met such a spirit as you, who inspires us to see and seek the beauty in the world around us and within us. You have awakened my own sense of the beauty that surrounds me every day. The spirit conveyed in your words brings a warmth and brightness I’ve never experienced before. The positive energy that radiates from your being has done more for my soul than anything else I’ve tried. I now feel that one person can make a change in the world. I believe because you have changed my life. You're energy is truly amazing. You’re a healer of souls and hearts.”

~ Elwyn Johns Jr., USA
Marine Corps veteran, AZ Pima Tribe


“Lucille Dancing Wind is a fiercely loving, heart-centered soul sister who not only wrote one of my favourite books, Sacred Possibilities, but is also a true Earth Empress who communes naturally with powerful animals and the elements, and creates magic in her life with ease and grace... She’s kissed our hearts with her gentleness and powerful beauty that radiates from her love, illuminating our sacred memory of the miracles and magic that surround us all. She is an anointed guide with deep understanding and compassion, inspiring profound trust and hope. Once you walk through her doorway, your life will never be the same.”
~ Shakaya 'Breeze' Leone, Canada
Mentor & Author,

About your empowerment mentor Lucille DancingWind

Lucille DancingWind is a spiritual life-empowerment mentor, author and the founder of Sacred Earth Connection®. Her heart-centered work is dedicated to empowering men and women by guiding them to their powerful divine, true naturethe source of infinite wisdom, deep trust in self and life, and sacred relationship with All. She works in partnership with Nature and Spirit to facilitate this work.

Lucille has continuously experienced divine magick and miracles that manifest ‘against all odds’. She shares incredible experiences that span decades, in her powerful book “Sacred Possibilities”. By being an amazing example that anything is possible when we courageously honour our sacred hearts and love, she inspires others to live the truth of who they uniquely are.

She's been described as "a shining spirit walking through the forest of life, spreading her magic".


Questions? Click HERE and let's connect!

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Everything on this webpage and related Sacred Earth Connection® websites and webpages, are fully protected under copyright law. All photographs of Lucille DancingWind are the result of a beautiful heart collaboration between the photographers Guy Runco (director of Bird TLC) and Michael Bay (volunteer at Bird TLC), Michael Leon Rockwell (Lucille's dear husband and tech support/graphic designer), Lucille DancingWind, Nature & Spirit. The one of Lucille DancingWind with "Belle" (the Harlan's red-tailed hawk) resulted from a truly incredible, divinely guided journey that also involved Belle's caretaker Dutch Overly.

You can read this awe-inspiring story by going HERE. It demonstrates how it is to live a fully empowered life, with all aspects of yourself working in harmony, in sacred relationship with your divine heart, Nature and Spirit.

Deeply grateful to all who contributed with such generous hearts to make these divinely inspired and guided photographs and this program, possible! A wholehearted thank you with so much love, to all who've been part of this amazing life journey on Mother Earth!

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